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Key Benefits

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Take 1 heaping scoop (8g approx.) of Collagen in 150-180ml of water and mix well until completely dissolved. Take 1 serving daily. Just mix, stir, and drink up to enjoy the benefits of the best Marine collagen drink. It can also be added to your favorite desserts or breakfast recipes.

You can consume this collagen powder any time of the day.

Collagen Regeneration

Discover the magic of real collagen peptides which replenish lost collagen levels and target signs of ageing.

1 Week

2 Week

1 Month

3 Months

1 Year

Marine Collagen Advantages

Highest Grade Collagen

Pure Wild Caught Marine Collagen Peptides.

A Complete Solution

Infused with potent ingredients for our comprehensive approach.

Clean Label

No Added Sugar, Fillers or Chemicals.

Great Sensory Profile

Natural Mango Peach Flavour with no after taste or smell.

A Complete Collagen

Restore & Protect

Aloe Vera & Centella Asiatica help heal the skin, while antioxidant trio, Astaxanthin, Vitamin C & E neutralize damaging free radicals.

Replenish & Regenerate

Powered by Marine Collagen to replenish lost collagen & renew the cellular matrix.

Deep Cellular Hydration

Activated Hyaluronic Acid and Youth Berry (Schisandra Berry) increase hydration that is locked in within the skin cells.

Enhanced Elasticity & Firmness

High concentration botanicals Centella Asiatica & Bamboo Extract, rebuild your skin fibers and strengthen its barrier.

Make Your Skin Glow

Enhances Skin Glow
Improves Elasticity
Evens Skin Tone
Fades Wrinkles
Improves Hydration
Makes Skin Youthful
Certified With Standards

How Marine Collagen Works?

The mechanism by which marine collagen works involves its absorption, distribution, and interaction with human tissues. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process:

1. Digestion and Absorption:

– Hydrolysis: Marine collagen supplements are typically hydrolyzed, meaning the collagen proteins are broken down into smaller peptides and individual amino acids. This process enhances their digestibility and absorption.
– Intestinal Absorption: Once ingested, these smaller peptides and amino acids are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.

3. Stimulating Collagen Synthesis:

– Fibroblast Activation: In the skin, fibroblasts use the absorbed peptides and amino acids as building blocks to produce new collagen fibers. This is a complex process involving the assembly of a triple helix structure and its subsequent secretion into the extracellular matrix.
– Chondrocyte Activation: In cartilage, chondrocytes use the peptides and amino acids to produce collagen, which is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and function of joints.

5. Bone Strength Support:

– Bone Matrix Formation: Collagen provides a scaffold for mineral deposition in bones. By contributing to the collagen matrix, marine collagen can help maintain bone strength and density.

6. Joint Health:

– Cartilage Support: Collagen is a significant component of cartilage. By supporting collagen synthesis in cartilage, marine collagen can help maintain joint flexibility and function.

It’s important to note that while marine collagen can provide the necessary building blocks and stimulate the body’s own collagen production, the extent of its effects can vary based on individual factors like age, health status, and overall diet. Additionally, the scientific understanding of exactly how supplemental collagen is utilized in the body is still evolving, with ongoing research aiming to clarify and expand our knowledge of its mechanisms and benefit

2. Circulation and Uptake:

– Transportation: Once absorbed, the collagen peptides and amino acids circulate in the bloodstream and are distributed throughout the body.
– Cellular Uptake: Various cells in the body, particularly fibroblasts in the skin and chondrocytes in cartilage, take up the collagen peptides and amino acids.

4. Anti-Aging and Healing Effects:

– Enhancing Collagen Density: As new collagen is synthesized, it can improve the density and structure of the skin, reducing wrinkles and increasing elasticity.
– Promoting Wound Healing: Collagen is critical for the wound healing process. By providing the necessary building blocks, marine collagen can facilitate the repair of damaged tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marine collagen is a type of protein derived from fish skin and scales. It’s rich in Type I collagen, which is the most abundant collagen in the human body.

While ‘better’ is subjective, marine collagen is preferred by some due to its high absorption rate and sustainability. It’s particularly rich in Type I collagen, similar to the collagen found in human skin and bones.

Marine collagen typically comes in powder form that can be mixed into beverages, smoothies, or food.

Marine collagen is generally considered safe, but some people may experience mild digestive issues or allergic reactions, especially those with allergies to fish.

No, marine collagen is derived from fish and is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. 

Results can vary, but some people report noticing benefits within a few weeks to months of consistent use.

Pure marine collagen is typically odorless and flavorless, but it can vary between brands. 

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Fitsique Marine Collagen

Original price was: ₹2,199.00.Current price is: ₹996.00.
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